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Fasting on the Day of Ashura, is it based on authentic?

Hope you are doing fine. Below is a message I got which I would appreciate if you could kindly enlighten us on the issue. Jazakumullah. Continue reading

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Blood Donation vs Wet Cupping, and…

Would donating blood have a similar effect to wet cupping? And I am not sure what the process is called, but when you recite chapter 112, and then blow into your cupped hands, followed by chapters 113, and 114, what are the spiritual, physical and possibly on a auraic level benefits it this? Continue reading

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The birthday/wedding cake concept is something of the west and muslims have adopted that we must have them in Birthdays/weddings and even give them center spaces in wedding/birthdays rather than it being a cake at a wedding like the rest of the food at a wedding and just serving it to the guests. Continue reading

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Can Muslim women swim?

My aunt died just last week because while traveling back to her and husband house after visiting her father (my grandam) the plane crashed somewhere I don’t know how and she didn’t knew how to swim and she drowned. Continue reading

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About sunna of Prophet (saws) and innovations in religion

I am trying to learn about Islam and from who do i take my religion. I’ve been, doing some naqshbandi practices, but not really knowing where do they come from. Continue reading

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Significance of Gemstones

Did our Shaykhs indicate any significance to rings with gemstones? Continue reading

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Baby hair solution

My baby is 6months old & my mother recently took him to get his hair shaved for the 1st time. His hair was so sleek & beautiful. Now it’s really ugly & hard. What can I do to get his hair to be sleek & beautiful again? Continue reading

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Utensils and pork

How can I remove the non-visible impurity of the utensils that may have been used to cook pork? Is there a special method required to cleanse the utensils or will soap and water suffice? Continue reading

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Permission to do archery

A couple of friends and I wish to do archery. We are all at the age of 16 and we know it is Sunnah to do archery and it is a key skill. All I need to know is whether I still need permission to do so, if so may I have the permission to do archery. Continue reading

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Azaan and Iqamah for newborn

Is the azaan to be made in right ear and iqamah in left? Should the baby be facing Qbla? … Continue reading

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