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The birthday/wedding cake concept is something of the west and muslims have adopted that we must have them in Birthdays/weddings and even give them center spaces in wedding/birthdays rather than it being a cake at a wedding like the rest of the food at a wedding and just serving it to the guests. Continue reading

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Can Muslim women swim?

My aunt died just last week because while traveling back to her and husband house after visiting her father (my grandam) the plane crashed somewhere I don’t know how and she didn’t knew how to swim and she drowned. Continue reading

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About sunna of Prophet (saws) and innovations in religion

I am trying to learn about Islam and from who do i take my religion. I’ve been, doing some naqshbandi practices, but not really knowing where do they come from. Continue reading

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Significance of Gemstones

Did our Shaykhs indicate any significance to rings with gemstones? Continue reading

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Baby hair solution

My baby is 6months old & my mother recently took him to get his hair shaved for the 1st time. His hair was so sleek & beautiful. Now it’s really ugly & hard. What can I do to get his hair to be sleek & beautiful again? Continue reading

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Utensils and pork

How can I remove the non-visible impurity of the utensils that may have been used to cook pork? Is there a special method required to cleanse the utensils or will soap and water suffice? Continue reading

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Permission to do archery

A couple of friends and I wish to do archery. We are all at the age of 16 and we know it is Sunnah to do archery and it is a key skill. All I need to know is whether I still need permission to do so, if so may I have the permission to do archery. Continue reading

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Azaan and Iqamah for newborn

Is the azaan to be made in right ear and iqamah in left? Should the baby be facing Qbla? … Continue reading

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There is a hadith that say if anyone is capable of getting married he should do so otherwise he should fast.. Continue reading

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Silver ring

Is there any weight limit on a silver ring…
Continue reading

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