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Prayer Request: Please can u do isthakara for me

Assalam alaykum, met this guy and he says he likes me but I am a lot older than him. Can you check and see if i should respond to him or not. His name is [private] and my name is [private]. Because I am Syed I am now 34 and still single because family want me to marry only syed, but what can I do if can’t find any syed? Continue reading

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Why Syed can not get Zakkat?

I just want an authentic proof that why Syeds are not eligible for Zakat? Because I believe all humans are equal. Continue reading

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Proposal Advice Needed from Maulana

I’ve received a proposal from a syed through his sister but my dad is rejecting it after having asked someone to do background check-according to it they are not good people and the area they are living is also has a bad reputation and that they are shia etc.. Continue reading

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I just had to questions if any one asks me to prove how im a syed how do I do it.? Continue reading

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Nikah With Syeda

Nikah With Syeda (Aal e Rasool Salalaho Alaihe Wasalam) is jaiz? Continue reading

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Rejected Marriage Proposal

Somebody proposed marriage to me however he was of a different caste. I informed my parents and expressed my wish to marry him… Continue reading

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Respect for Syeds

I have a question if it can be answered. What is the status of a Syed (Aal-e-Nabi saw) in dunya? Is their respect mandatory? Continue reading

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Dream: Washing the feet

I had a dream in which I was in presence of someone, I thought it was Sultan ul Awliya Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani (QS), so I asked him to request that I be given permission to wash his feet… Continue reading

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Prayer Request: Sister’s marriage

I belong from a syed family. My sister was married to a syed man but that man was skeptic and harsh to her and so the marriage resulted in khulaa (divorce by court). Continue reading

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Ahle Bayt and satan

1) Can Satan come in the form of a Wali Allah? What can Satan not do so that we come to know the dream is not from Satan? Please tell me signs. Continue reading

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