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I am in a relationship with a person from 2 years. I got into a relationship because at the first day he said he will marry me.From 5 or 6 months we having problem with our relationship because of a girl but than everything became perfect he said he will marry me even his mom also agree with that.Suddenly he is saying that he don’t want me anymore but I can’t live without him I am troubling for him. I know having a relationship is not good in Islam but i don’t know I am dying for him, I am burning inside.I am praying tahajjud and aslo recite surah Ar Rahman 11 times but still he is not responding.Can you please suggest me any dua to get him back.┬áThank You
Please pray for me


wa `alaykum salam,

You may use the Dua of Sayyidina Dawud (as) given by Shaykh Gibril; wear the taweez for 40 days and if no improvement, then move on.

See advice given here.


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