Jannat al-Baqi


Refer to dream: “Dreaming-of-jannat-ul-baqi-graves”. Jazak Allah for interpreting my dream. I saw another dream within dream. I saw Janatul Baqi, from high top view, filled with water, and flow of water was heavy. Suddenly it became very smooth water of greenish blue color. then I was able to see the graves. I woke up in my dream. I thought that this dream may point to a visit to Jannatul-Baqi. Then I saw myself in a hotel (at the back of Jannatul-Baqi), standing on top floor, viewing at the same view that I saw in my dream. I was happy that my dream came true. I was looking at Jannatul-baqi and Roza Mubarak on left side. There were few new graves, I saw my brother perhaps digging the graves. I want to mention that my father lived in Madinah and died three years back, and buried in Jannatul-Baqi, Alhamdulillah.


Wa alaikum assalam,

InchaAllah all your life will be happy and your problems will be solved.

Allah knows best,

Ali Elsayed

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