Need a good job


Assalamualikum. My husband is currently working but he wish to have a new job. It’s urgent since it’s very difficult for him to continue in his present job. He is completely tired as he is overloaded with work and presently I’m under my fathers sponsorship and urgently I have to change my visa as I am inshallah expecting. I need a visa and being in this company it is very difficult for him to have a visa for me along with accommodation. If he doesn’t receive a new job may be I’ll have to return to my country which my husband is not at all wishing for. I wish I receive help and dua from Shaikh Nazim and Shaykh Hisham as I believe their duas and help will certainly reach us. Also please help me with some easy wazifa that I can perform so that he gets a job as soon as possible as my visa is about to expire in February.


wa `alaykum salaam,

Please see this post.


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