Peace of mind and heart


asalam alaikum
I was with a guy for about a year with intention of marriage, before he was loving and caring, but all of a sudden he started to tell me that he doesn’t like to hear no, i’m always arguing, fighting, or hurting him.. i dont know how he changed all of a sudden but after ending everything, i still had hopes that maybe everything would be okay and he would have a change of heart but he decided to look into rishtas that his parents had chosen. Recently, i found out that he has attained feelings for one and confirmed his rishta. I still have deep feelings and just feel depressed all the time, even while praying i feel sad and hopeless. Please give me some dua that can bring peace and calm to my heart and mind and to remove my feelings for him from my heart.


wa `alaykum salam,

In-sha-Allah you may follow Shaykh Gibril’s advice in the Post “To stop caring and to forget“.


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