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Assalamu alaikum ya sayyidi,

My question is regarding the Ahlul Bayt. I have heard that the Ahlul Bayt do not enter hell fire and that they are punished in this world for whatever sins they commit. Is this a valid saying? Does this apply to sayyids who live now, the descendants of the Prophet (peace be upon him)?

Jazakallah khair


As-salamu Alaikum,

The question you are asking has to do with events after Judgment Day which is part of ghaib or the unseen that no one knows except Allah Almighty. Only He can know who is going to jannat and who is going to hellfire. Sometimes Allah Almighty opens to some of His Prophets and sincere servants a view on ghaib and they can advise us. However, these issues of who will go to hellfire should not distract us from our duties, to serve Allah sincerely.

We respect all Ahlul-Bayt and Sayyids because of their Great-Grandfather (saws) but we cannot comment about their final resting place. That is for Allah (swt) to decide. Unfortunately some people abuse this respect and claim they are Sayyids, do evil deeds and claim that because they are Sayyids it is OK to do evil. Astaghfirullah! That is unfortunate, but it should not distract us from our worship and servanthood and good adab and respect.

And Allah and His Prophet know best.

Hajj Khalid Aboulela

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A Sudanese Egyptian living in the Niagara Region of Ontario, Hajj Khalid graduated from the American University in Cairo majoring in Chemistry and Imperial College, London with an MBA. He has studied under Mawlana Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani and Shaykh Hisham Kabbani for almost 30 years. He is fluent in classical Arabic prose and poetry and has ijaza from Shaykh Nazim to lead dhikr, answer questions to students of Islamic sciences, and to interpret dreams.
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