Suffering from serious issues


After demise of my mother i faced serious issues like health problems family problem each and every field of my life effected why so? My name is [private].


It is the Sunna of Allah on earth that all people must experience loss and dissolution at every level. For the non-believers it means just that, and they have no hope of anything beyond. They are {those that do not dearly hope for the meeting with Us} (Furqan 25:21), {they are ever unhoping of any resurrection} (25:40). For the believers there is understanding and acceptance that, although this life was created for us, yet we were created for the next life. They look forward to hearing Him say to them {enter it in peace and safety. This is the Day of immortality} (Qaf 50:34), {eat and drink with full enjoyment because of what you did before, in the days that passed away} (Haqqa 69:24). It means love of Allah bringing you ever closer to Him.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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