Dream: Dead, Wise Woman


assalamu ‘alayikum,

Dear Syaikh, again, I’m very sorry about my lack adab
would you like to interpretĀ  my late dream:

In my dream, I think that I’m dead, but it seems that I’m not dead. ThenĀ  I said to my sister, that ” soon I’ll be dead, but don’t worry I will live again, cause I have two soul.” Then i meet a woman, she hold my right hand. she looks like was reading my mind. she said that I’m a good guy.

I don’t know whether this dream connected each other or not, after meet that woman, I do majlis in masjid with some friend, everything in white, and i feel so happy..then I woke up

jazakallah ya syaikh, may Allah glorify MSN and MSH



Bismillah ir rahman ir rahheem:

wa `alaykum salam,
Rabbanah atina fi ‘d-dunya hasanata presents one soul, wa fi ‘l-akhirati hasanah is the second soul. Your dhikr is the woman taking you to the Masjid. Continue doing Dhikr with the jama`h .

And Allah knows best.

Yassir Chadly

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