Dream After Istikhara


Aslamu Alaikum
I prayed isthikara for marrying a particular girl I saw a dream that when I was standing in front of my home suddenly ground falls down and it forms like a well. I walk near to that and after the inspection their are two more well . coming back to first well the water is coming out through it but not through the opening, the water goes to up and down in the dream my father tells the water is not good but i told that is good.
I can’t understand anything i do another isthikara also i saw another dream that I demanding something to my brother in law he agrees that and giving the things after that i am going to function.in that function some one giving a liquid to drink I drank it next I saw I am crossing a canal first time i am afraid and secondly I passes it after that I saw some of my neighbours teasing that “if any one want to drink honey he will lick it where it falls ” I am totally confused and get depressed day by day please help me.


wa alaykum salam,

These indications do not seem favorable and Allah knows best.

Taher Siddiqui

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