Dream of Sayyiduna Ali Alayhisalam


Bismiallah hi Rahman ni Rahim. Firstly I would like to send my salams to Mawlana Sheikh Nazim Hafidhuallah and Sheikh Hisham Hafidhuallah. I had a dream I was in a army at the ends of time and we were within Afghanistan getting ready for battle. I saw Sayyiduna Ali Alayhisalam who was referring to the afghans for some reason . Then a person on a black horse came with black clothes I think this was me. Sayyiduna Ali Alayhisalam ordered the rider to go to the battle field in which as the rider was going of Sayyiduna Ali Alayhisalam shouted ” By Allah there is not a more brave horsemen upon this earth than you ”(something like that) wallahu alim


Walaikum assalam,

Seeing Sayyidna Ali in a dream could mean the dreamer will: (1) Triumph over enemies (2) Have good and noble children and grandchildren (3) Die as a martyr.

Allah knows best,

Ali Elsayed

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