Dream: About a Surah while on Hajj


Assalaam wrb,

I was on hadj a few days ago. When i was in Muzdalfa i was trying to sleep, but every hours i woke up. Then around 4 oclock in the morning before Fadjr time i was dreaming that i saw in the sky white/lighting Bismillah hier Rahmanier Rahim in Arabic and the second line start with the Surah Iza ja a nasrula….. while i was reading this in my dream the Surah changed in Surah al Masad Tabaj e dar abhi lahab…. then i saw so many people around me and they all fall in sajda crying and only saying “Allah o Akbar Allah o Akbar…. ” Then my eyes opened and i was looking where i was and i was in Muzdalfa. Can you please explain me what this dream means.



Alaykum Salam,

These two Suras have in common protection from enemies and victory over them, while those who give glory in prostration are the angels, as Muzdalifa is a holy place where du`a is mustajab.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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