Dream: Golden Peace Dream


I entered a dwelling place and felt that I descended some stairs. I then turned my head initially to the right, whereupon I saw a well lit room and faced a wall with two or three short wooden shelves, on top of which were positioned some ‘earthy’ looking mugs.
I then turned my head to my left whereupon I saw a single bed positioned in the corner of a room. At the foot of the bed was a potted plant/shrub which was covered in blossom. Simultaneously, I noticed that the colour of the bed spread, the blossom and the general ambiance of the room all seemed to emanate a golden glow. The overriding feeling which accompanied this image was a profound sense of peace, a feeling which continued for a short period on awakening.


Walaikum Assalam,

InchaAllah this means that you are feeling contentment with yourself, and that your metal (character) is good.

Allah knows best.

Ali ElSayed

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