Dream: Journey with 2 corpses and helping a friend


I saw my self and my younger brother mount the carriage of a donkey (the wooden plinth with wheels which is usually used to transport heavy goods). On the carriage were 2 unknown dead corpses, covered in old sheets. There was a driver at the front sitting just behind the donkey, his face was covered with a white dusty cloth that was wrapped around his head and body. We mounted in the busy city and continued traveling into a barren dry land (long journey).

I woke up from the dream and fell asleep into a second dream: I was advising a friend and his cousin to recite Ayat Al-kursi and Surah Jin, because the cousin was beaten up continuously (he’s a strong person in real life). I said that if his cousin is clean shaven to grow a beard. The friend looked away started watching music videos on TV.


Two corpses represent the same two who are astray or refuse to listen in the second dream. They are close or important to you. Carriage signifies move, travel or change from one situation to another.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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