Dream: Salaam to the Prophet (s.a.w.)


I had a dream in which I was at Masjid-e-nabvi and saying “labbayk la shaeee kala…” and in the dream was told no this is wrong way to do salaam, do it like this and was reminded of “ya nabi allah salaam..”

I have recently been contacted by my fiancĂ©e who got ill and hospitalised whilst families were talking about marriage but it didn’t happen due to misunderstandings. This was years ago and now her university is finished and she has recently come back into contact but is confused. One day she wants to marry. The next she is scared I will hurt her and that we aren’t meant to be together because it didn’t happen last time. So she pushes me away again.

Please advise me, I am ill myself due to the stresses of the past years and want to marry her.


Alaykum Salam,
In sha Allah you will go on Hajj or Umra and Ziyara soon.
Give sadaqa for shifa and mend your relationship with Allah Most high.
In sha Allah you will marry soon.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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