Slave Dream


Dear shiekh,
In my dream I saw the following:
I was with a friend in a slaver town. I leave him and reach a slaver and I give him a single coin (I think it was copper) to I buy a slavegirl. (It turns out to be my friends girlfriend). I go back to my friend and in his hand is a fistfull of coins. I force my hand into his hand and take half of them he says to me “That is more than you paid for her”.
I reply with “You asked me to free her and I did”

Then I am walking with the girl down a corridor and she throws herself at me.
I push her away and say “I cannot do that to my friend”

Then the dream ends
What does it mean? these people involve me in their lives and i dont want a part.


Freeing a slave, means freeing your soul from its ego. Do much more salawat/Darood shareef towards this end.

Taher Siddiqui


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