Dream: Takbeers of Mahdi (as)



I was sleeping outside and i “wokeup” in recitation of Qur’aan, our Qur’an teacher recited. It was relaxing, then we heard loud takbeer of Mahdi and we got happy. My husband was running around confused and we told him to relax, to wait second takbeer. Then secondĀ  takbeer came, it was sweet and it lifted us in the air, I felt ecstasy. My husband also came, but far behind us, struggling. That takbeer landed us in behind of Imam Mahdi who was in front of large gates waiting for them to open and there was other Muslims, brothers, but I am a female and they were wearing greenrobes, turbans. And we started jihad against dajjaal. We moved fast like wind and we defeated enemies. And then i woke, it took sometime to be in some normal senses, then i prayed 2 rakaahs Shukria, i cried out of happiness. I felt a bit dizzy and unreal, about 3days after dream.
Wa salaam


`Alaykum Salam,

A very good dream of spiritual support and encouragement that you and your family are in the best spiritual company here and hereafter inshaAllah.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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