Re: Depressed Husband


Assalamu’alaikum ya Sayyidi,

I’m doing the wird but need further guidance.

Husband has been unable to work for few months due to immigration so we have both been home. I feel I am carrying most of the responsibility in this marriage. I am in last stages of pregnancy and manage to clean, cook, prepare for the baby, etc but sometimes get overwhelmed. He says he will help but doesn’t. Only when I cry/have a breakdown things change for a day and then it’s the same cycle. From the moment he wakes up he is on computer, sometimes until early morning, fulfulling little or no other obligations.

Am fed up but trying to be patient for baby. Sorry for lack of adab. Please tell me if it is some flaw in me that is causing this. Can I recite something to improve the situation?

wa `alaykum salam,
Have a sitdown and split the chores to relieve you. Persist in demanding your husband’s help as you will need to rely on him more. Trust in Allah and do not fear but consider this a spiritual ladder for yourself.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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