Hadith on Women in Paradise


as-salamu alaykum, is there an authentic hadith that says: “I entered Paradise and found that the majority of its inhabitants were women.”?


Wa `alaykum salam,

The Prophet (s) always was caring for His Ummah, men and women, but more for women. He said, hubbiba ilayya min dunyakum thalath…

“Allah made me to love three main from dunya, first is an-nisa (women), the second is at-teeb, (perfume),” and the third, he said, “qurratu `aynee fi ‘s-salat, the best of my time is when I am praying.”

He mentioned women first because he knows that women, maqsureen al-jannah, they are broken-hearted by men – as men deal with them harshly.  So he showed that interest and his care for them more. Here love for perfume means love for people who say good things, not backbiting and rumors and fitna. When you adjust these 2, when we as an Ummah take care of our mothers, wives, sisters that will be a good sign, the sign of perfume.
“The third best time for me is when I am praying.” This shows that the Prophet (s) gave a good deal of respect to ladies.

Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani

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