Sudden autism in a 6 year old boy


Dear Maulana:

Assalamu alykum.

My niece who lives in Maryland have a son who was speaking well around the age 2, but now the boy completely stopped talking. The speech therapists they have consulted said that this is not an uncommon autism. The boy stares but does not talk; he makes some audible sound but not words, sentences etc.

My niece is going crazy on this.  With your cure or awrad, then I can ask my niece to bring her two kids to my apartment in Berkeley and I administer them here. I think they should move out of their location.  Her in-law relatives live close by and some of them may be very political. My niece is pious but very moderate. With your barakah, if there is any improvement, I would ask her to meet you for further improvement. Your Humble Murid,


Let her read on a cup of Zamzam water 7 Ayatul-Kursi and let him to drink the water and continue the treatment recommended by doctor.

Shaykh Hisham Kabbani

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