Hanafi: Establishment of the Friday Congregational


What is the Hanafi ruling – is the obligation of the establishment and secondly for attending Friday prayers and congregational daily prayers only within the boundaries of an Islamic state and outside if safe recommended ?


The Hanafis stipulated among the preconditions for the obligatoriness and validity of Salat al-Jumua that it should be performed by the permission — or in the presence — of the Muslim Sultan of the city in which it takes place or of his deputy; however, in their complete absence for any reason, then it is still obligatory and valid under the leadership of any of the Muslims of the area per Bada’i` al-Sana’i` (1:261 Salat, salat al-Jumu`a, bayan shara’it al-Jumu`a). Accordingly it must be performed provided all the other preconditions apply, i.e. the ones unrelated to the governance. And Allah knows best.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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