Imam of Jummah doing Kasr and Jammu


Assalamu Alaikum w W

Dear Shaykh,

I want to know the ruling. Sometimes we invite Ulemas from other cities to conduct the Jummah sermon and prayers. We had an Ulema recently who stood up for Kasr and Jammu of Asar prayers just after the salam.


If the guest-traveler khatib (Imam) follows Shafi`i School of Thought he will combine and shorten  Jum`ah prayer followed immediately by `Asr (two rak`ahs). The prayers are to be performed continuously allowing no break between them which means no sunnah prayers between the fard prayers. Right after the completion of the first prayer the khatib will deliver the iqamah silently and perform the second prayer (`Asr prayer) silently.

Shaykh Senad Agic

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