making up unfasted ramadan


Asalam waleikum. Last Ramadan I was pregnant so I didn’t feel capable of fasting. I had a difficult pregnancy and have only started to recover the fasting recently. I have currently recovered 10 days of my fast and will probably manage to recover 15 days by the time Ramadan starts this year. I was hoping to pay back my missed fasting days, as in the other 15 days, by feeding people in need. How many meals would I have to give out to cover these fasting days? Would it be 15 or 30 to make up my missed fasts? If I feed all these people will I then still need to make up the fasting after this coming ramadan or would my fast of last year be covered? My love and thanks to all of the team, you are helping so many of us understand this way, Alhamdulilah.


What you do now, before the coming Ramadan, is to pay your fidyah – feeding one poor person for each day you could not fast – so you must know the number of days missed. Then continue to make up those fasts. If you could not finish all of them before this Ramadan, you continue after that; but pay your fidyah for the previous Ramadan first. May Allah makes it easy for you.

Abdul Shakur

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