Sheikh pleas ask dua for my marriage

Prayer Request:

Assalamau alaikum sheikhs!

No one is ready to marry me. Lots of people came to see me and rejected me. What can i do? Can you pls ask dua for me to die fast. I cant handle this problem. Im dying inside. I hate this world. I must go to the grave. Plsss



May Allah grant you patience and gratitude, goodness in dunya and akhira. May Allah change your self-imprecation into a duaa of mercy for yourself. Allah said, {And the human being supplicates for evil by his supplication for goodness. And the human being was ever too hasty} (Surat al-Isra’ 17:11).

I.e. “he supplicates Allah, in his anger, for evil against himself, his family, and his property; or he supplicates Him for what he reckons as something good but it is something evil. He rushes to everything that passes through his mind without regard for consequences” (Baydawi). So do not imprecate against yourself or ask others to.

The rizq from Allah including a good spouse will reach you according to His will even if you’re on a desert island. Without His will it will not happen even if they’re breaking down your door asking for your hand. The Prophet forbade us to ask for death and he forbade us to give in to hopelessness. Live each day for the miracle that it is without looking further or back. In sha Allah He will increase your rizq through gratitude, and you will see it with your eyes through patience and contemplation.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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