How much salawat/durood is considered to be "a lot" daily? specifically


Durood Wali as that is the one my tariqa often reads?

Were all Prophets, sahabas and Walis at maqam of Baqa Billah? And if so, doesn’t that mean they are at an equal level?

Lastly, what exactly does it mean to Love Allah? I hear it a lot but how do you?


From the teaching of the Naqshbandi mashaykh, there is no “a lot” because Allah Himself is making Salawat on the Prophet (s), so where does our salawat compare? It is truly only tashrifan – as an honor – for believers that they are included in the order to make salawat, as a way of them sharing in the Infinite Blessings that Allah sends on our Prophet (s) in every instant.

Again from the teachings of our GrandShaykhs that the Station of the Prophet (s) is not fixed but is in constant and unceasing ascension ever closer to the Divine Presence. And the Ummah is accompanying the Prophet spiritually ascending with him, again, as a favor from the Prophet (s) to his Ummah not due to our worthiness. So just as for every station there is a higher station, the station of Baqa Billah is always ascending as well. Each tariqat has its own special Station of Baqa Billah, just as each tariqat has its own Qutbs, etc. May Allah grant us a taste of what the awliya are receiving.

and Allah knows best.

Taher Siddqiui

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