Spiritual Connection with Shaykh


I make a connection and have a visual of Shaykh in my heart. I am speaking and smth talking to the Shaykh. This does not happen every time i try to do and sometime it happen. Is this the correct way of rabitah to ask shaykh for solution of any prob? Can this be done with others representative of Shaykh Nazim? Please advice the method if I’m wrong.

I learn one method to link with our soul. We ask in our heart and our soul will answer YES(moving our head up down) and NO(moving our head left right). The head movement is not in our control(automatic). Is this pure way or wrong way influence by jinn? If wrong, how to remove this?

Some voices come to advice me sometimes to the heart, how and what is that? How can we differ the bad and good inspiration or voices?

Thank you.


Rabitah is only to Mawlana Shaykh Nazim. It is to establish a conscious connection between you and him to receive his support and guidance. Whatever inspiration that comes by that means shall be true. Your heart shall be at rest if a true signal comes, and it beats fast – sometimes furiously – if the matter is false. If in doubt, it is best to confirm it with his authorised deputy Shaykh Hisham Kabbani when you get the opportunity to meet him.

Abdul Shakur

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