Taubatan nasooha – sincere repentance


What is true Tauba ( Taubatun Nasoouha) and how to attain it?
if a person do Tauba, will Allah Ask him about his deeds after Tauba? If someone recites ASTAGHFIRULLAH every time is it also that type of Tauba? or just its an exercise of tongue?


Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem,

Tawbatan Nasuha means literally sincere repentance. It implies that when we commit a sinful act, we should feel penitent for it, then should call upon Allah for forgiveness remorsefully, and should refrain from committing the same error with strong resolve and will power. It is the climax of Tawba. The head of all Tawba, the real regret from us to Allah subhanahu wa ta`la. It is best to accompany this strong resolve and of the heart with some sort of recitation by tongue. There are numerous many many recitations reported in Holy Quran Shareef and Hadith Shareef in regards to what to say by tongue to ask forgiveness. For example, one can do the following actions to attain tawbatan Nasuha:

1) One should feel penitent for the wrong that one has done and turn to Allah full-heartedly.

2) Make a resolve not to repeat

3) Make ablution and pray two rak`ats sunnah prayer then recite

–“la ilaha Illa anta subhanaka inni kuntu mina ‘zh-zhalimeen” 40x then

–“Subhanallahi wa bi-hamdihi subhanallahi ‘l-`azheem astagfirullah” 100x  then

–“astagfirullaha ‘l-`azheem wa tubu ilayhi” 100x then

— Recite Sayyidu ‘l-istighfar 

(Note: this is just an example of recitation and ritual but there are so many other combinations)

4) One should carry out the duties that one has ignored.

5 ) Restore the rights that one has violated.

6) Ask forgiveness of the person whom one has wronged.

If we perform tawbatan nasuha and stay on course, the chances are very very  high that Allah will forgive us and will  not inquire us about theses deeds.

Syed Shahzaman

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