What are the responsibilities of a Muslim on the blasphemy of our Prophet(s)?
Currently… produce their hatred (film) towards Muslim and Islam.
I need to know what a Wali Allah do/order in this type of situation??
I want to know what a Wali Allah say on this situation??


1) We pray to Allah Almighty in the Masjids that Allah will manifest Truth from error, and to strengthen the hearts of Muslims from disbelief.

2) Or, lodge a formal written complaint to the perpetrators, or even make police reports, or need be, charge them in court. But we always pray that they will see the truth and seek recourse to a formal apology.

3) NEVER will we resort to violence in any form. If that is what you or some other people want to do, we are not responsible for that.

May Allah Almighty keep our feet firmly on Truth over falsehood.

Abdul Shakur

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