Child custody


Assalamu `alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakartu

I’ve heard from some people that if you get remarried you have to give your kids back to their birth father.

I recently got remarried and my twins’ father was saying its his right according to sharia and he’d try and take us to court to get the kids. I recently gave in to his demands and I’m letting them stay with his family (his other kids and his wife)

I’m having a very hard time being away from my kids and am regretting saying he may have full custody with me getting weekend visits or whatever.

I want to do what’s right but it hurts very much with my babies not with me.

I also had a question about iuds the birth control. When I went to go get one my dr. said it may cause spotting and I’m not sure if when I’d be spotting if that would be considered pure or impure?

Thank you for your time and please please please pray for us.


Alaykum Salam,
You did the right thing and your reward is assured, but you can nevertheless work out a voluntary shared custody with your ex-husband if he and your husband agree to it. As for spotting it is not menses, just renew your ablution before every fard prayer and pray.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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