to have a aim part 2


Annoy my family , because I lost 3 years. By now only because of my aimlessness.
Even so, I am really thankfull to Allah (swt), shukrulillah because HE (swt) gave me everything that I wanted, and He(swt) knows best. But I am constantly struggling I really want to know, where my strength lies or what my assignation is, because I am walking everyday with a feeling of “I don’t know what to ” and am not happy with myself. I am tiring myself and my family, I want to know really by heart what I should do , to what I should aim and do it with peace in mind, heart and can gain the pleasure of Allah (swt) in what I am doing. I’m really sorry for any lack of adab,
may Allah(swt) grant us all the happy days with Mahdi(as) and make us his(as) supporters , insh. Salamu Alaikum


wa `alaykum salam,
Those who are not happy with themselves are nearer to Allah than those who are happy with themselves. Therefore, do not be annoyed with anyone or unhappy in your heart but continue to be thankful, be with Allah Most High and He will increase your goodness.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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