Auto accident


I had a dream after eating suhoor and praying that I got into a car accident but nothing happened to me then I was pregnant and gave birth to a boy and I was afraid he would die i went to hook him up to the monitor and they went to monitor me as well and the alarms where blaring and showing I was dying they kept looking at me I told them I’m fine they went to hook me in again and it was code red I’m dying but I told them I was ok then I look to see if my son is ok he’s a handsome man with a black beard looking at me and smiling He was no longer a fragile small baby.


Alhamdulillah means your Rajab and Shaban fasting and worship were accepted and protection from big difficulties. Those deeds will come on Judgment Day like that handsome man to protect you as well. Allahu aalam.

Taher Siddiqui

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