Dream: Ayat ul Kursi



First of all, I am newly converted by the grace Allah. Recently I had a dream in that I’m working in a company alone. There I saw a shadow that looks like a shaitan. Then suddenly there is a change in location with a crowd. There I saw a real picture of Shaitan. I feared and started reciting Ayatul Kursi. Suddenly it came towards me and started reciting Aytul Kursi where I left off in first line. Then it recites completely and said this Ayatul Kursi will not frighten me then smiled and disappeared.

Sorry for my grammatical mistakes. Can u please explain it?



Wa alaikum Salaam,

Inshallah you will not fear or despair. This dream shows the necessity of developing
Love for the Prophet (saw) in your understanding and connection to the Quran.  And also Love for the Prophet(saw)’s inheritors that are a spiritual support for the Ummah.

Wallahu Alam,

Kamau Ayubbi

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