Dream: Burying a skeleton


786Aslamualaykum We was traveling in a desert war zone children was shooting Idres had an order from Mullana Shaykh Nazim to bring 100 stones to him for safe passage,he was very protective of these stone,i remember being in a plane then in a big gathering with shaykh it felt like the end day.Shaykh was describing my dream he was telling me not to travel over the sea and desert because of the war,in my dream i i dreamt i tasted Honey shaykh said he would call me later and tell me the rest of my dream, he ordered me my husband and my grandma to bury a man who has been dead for one day i remember pushing soil over him then my husband told me to feed are son in there i felt trapped wen i looked a crossed i saw the skeleton brown eyes looking at me.


Alaykum salam,
100 stones stand for dhikr, it is for you not for him, meaning Mawlana wants you to observe your daily worship and dhikr. Plane is hijra (emigration) to Awliya. War signifies jihad against ego and dunya. Skeleton looking back is the past, Mawlana wants you to break with it and not dwell on it anymore.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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