Dream: Catching a mouse


I dreamt I was lying on my bed and I heard a scratching sound coming from above and when I went to investigate I found myself in the kitchen at my mother’s house. The sound seemed to be coming from one of the cupboards and when I looked I could see something burrowing through from above. Suddenly the hole opened enough for a mouse to fall through. It jumped down and went into the living room, I ran after it and scooped it up in my hands. When I looked in “The Interpretation of Dreams” by Ibn Sirin it says “A Mouse is a woman of perverse and corrupt nature..” and “to hunt a mouse means to try to get rid of a perverse woman”. Please explain!


Bismillahi ‘r-Rahmani ‘r-Raheem,

It means you have or had a bad or perverse idea.

And Allah knows best.

With salams,

Yassir Chadly

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