Dream: Cobra Attack



I am short tempered. I think I fear Allah tala and nobody else but my heart beat increases when I am ready for a fight with anybody. I am planning to start a money transfer and exchange business. I try very hard not to lie. Allah tala knows better how good I am at it. I want to show that doing business without lying is possible. I saw horrifying dream last night.

Dream: It was just like short flash dream. Saw a very thick snakes side view which was moving fast (didn’t see it completely) then, the very next second it attacked me on my face with its mouth wide open. I couldn’t see its head. Woke up with panic and ran to the hall from my bedroom with my hands throwing here and there. I had a fracture on my hand last week which got worse. Please interpret my dream and pray for my good future.



Alaykum Salam,

That is the fire-snake of anger that wrecks everything in its path. Ask Allah to make you gentle and soft. Do not fight others, only your ego. Recite Ya Haleem x100 after each Salat and Allah will increase your spiritual side and reward you for your nasiha (honesty) towards people.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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