Dream: Confusion guidance


The question I asked when doing istikhara was I’m confused guide me.
I saw a green cobra on my hubsand’s shoulder (suffer from dv), saw my kids growing up and saw me in a red bridal dress, then a pink bridal dress next to the man I have fallen in love with. Then I saw myself at back of garden, husband in front of me. I walked into house saw the one I have fallen in love with playing with my children but he was wearing red. Then I saw my three sisters come into the garden and argue with husband and my manager who is involved in my personal life have a green cobra on his desk.

Deadly snake signifies harm in dunya and religion. Try to stay away from sin, dubious situations and people. Keep your salat, dhikr, service and love to family and focus on Allah and your home.
Hajj Gibril Haddad

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