Dream: Dead Body and people dying


Salamalaikum wr wb to sheik Hisham Kabbani and staff,

I saw a dream where there was a dead lying down my grandmother’s massive garden..I wanted to see if this person is ok and then I will ask some people to go and see him..he was wearing a light green shirt and his face was on the ground..so I was unable to see him..

But every person who goes in to see him get an electric shock and die the same way he did..but I will not realize it until my cousin sister went in to save him..and then when I looked I saw a lot of dead bodies..

Also recently I saw another dream where there were cockroaches in my house and I kill them..

These dreams are very strange and I wonder what’s going on in me..

Jezakallah khair for helping..May Allah SWT bless us all..Ameen


wa `alaykum salam,

The two dreams represent harmful inherited (grandmother) traits in your life (your house) pestering you, which are removable by clinging to the path of a Prophetic inheritor.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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