Dhikr beads 10 or 11, small bracelet sized..


I don’t remember how I got it, I think it was wooden, I am not sure about the string, but I think I put it around my wrist and I made the intention to make dhikr with it..

It was good, because it made dhikr easy.. and I could carry it everywhere almost.


BismiLlahi Rahmani Raheem, wa salatuLlahi wa salaamu ala Khairul’ khalqi’Llah, Sayyiddina Muhammad, wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salaam.

If this was a dream, then it may mean you need to give more attention to your zikr, inshaAllah. You intended to do it, but you may have gotten distracted and neglected to complete it.

If this happened while you were awake, in other words if you lost the beads, then Hajja Naziha, may Allah bless her, used to say to us to recite 3 times Surah Kawthar, and 3 times “Ya Hadi!” Then read Fatiha for your Shaykh. The lost object will come back in a familiar place, inshaAllah. Many people reported success using this method, and Allah knows best. Again salaam!

Abdul Haqq

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