Different dreams


As-salaamu’ alaykem Sayyidi

I have been having very strange dreams for a week. I dream about attending weddings and about children and these children look at me, we have eye contact, I feel as if we are connected to each other and yet I do not ask them anything. The child either comes as boy or a girl, the child just stands and smiles at me. Then I had a dream I was looking for a small child, it was a girl, I felt that my eyes were just looking for her. I then keep dreaming I am at someone’s wedding and was very happy for them. I had another dream that I was engaged to someone and my soul felt very happy.

Sayyidi, what do these different dreams mean for me?
nsha’Allah I hope to see you soon in the UK and give Bayah, pray for me Sayyidi


wa ‘alaykum salam,

Weddings represent taking initiation, baya`, and seeing many children represent the innocence which will be granted to you on doing so, even if it is your 100th baya`.

W ‘Allahu `alam,

Taher Siddiqui

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