Dream: Hand & Purse


I saw in my dream two very beautiful hands on the sky holding a beautiful purse…perhaps first they were like clouds, but after that they became like some grey colored stones…looking very beautiful….then in the same dream, i saw two sparrows on the sky…and they are also looking like stones…looking awesome….after some time, the female sparrow flew away and sat nearby….now there was only male sparrow at that place…and it was looking a little ugly….me and family said that they both were looking awesome together, but male sparrow alone is not good…
can you please tell me that what is the meaning of this dream?


Hands, purse, stone and sky all point to Dhikr and Khatme Khwajagan. Pair of birds is the lure of dunya, so dream is like advice to be careful what you choose to focus on.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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