Dream: Mawlana & Baya


Salaams dearest Shuyukh,

In 2011 I had a dream of Shaykh Nazim which caused me to make online baya to him that same year. Since then I have been wondering what the dream meant but was afraid to ask in case it was something bad. In my dream: Shaykh Nazim was wearing a long green robe. He know my name already and was smiling at me. I was listening to his sohbat. He asked, ‘Can there be Islamic belief without science’ and I said ‘no’. Then he jumped up and approached me smiling. I tried to find him after the sohbat, I looked in many rooms but could not find him. I saw the end of his robe in a balcony and I jumped over a large chair, a throng, then over a bookshelf to find him but I did not see his face again.


Alaykum Salam,

You saw a good dream. It has led you to Mawlana and has made you grow spiritually. The throne and bookshelf represent the mind in confirmation of the original question in the dream. So continue your education and at the same time run after Mawlana and his good advice, you will see his face again here and hereafter with the Holy Prophet in sha Allah.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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