Dream: Stones


Me and 4/5 other man and we were trying to get rid of a stone, then I was about to bury the stone and somehow I changed my mind and took it with me again in my dream and I held on to it and the next moment I was attacked by these guys like the large waves of the sea and I turned back and recited the Idha of our Awrad and all of them froze and turned to ice and shattered. And I woke upĀ  just before fajr like Tahajjud.


These are the 800 forbiddens trying to overwhelm you but you are steadfast on the Naqshbandi awrad which defeats and eliminates them all.
The Stone represents the Hijab al-bashariyya, the last veil between a servant and his spiritual reality. Your holding onto it means you have not yet given up some aspects of bad character that is preventing an opening. And I am telling myself not you, that it means concentrate on improving your practice of awrad as much as possible, it is key to breaking the nafs.

Taher Siddiqui

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