Dream: Suffocation


Asalam o alaikum wr wb,

May Allah bless Shaykh Nazim and all connected with this site.
Please forgive me if I lack in adaab as my previous questions haven’t been answered yet and excuse me if my way of asking is improper.

I dreamt a few days back that my breathing was being stopped as if I was being suffocated and i could feel that state too ( so it wasn’t only my dream?) and i tried to get out of that state/as to wake up but I couldn’t do that for a few minutes. but then suddenly i started saying ‘Allah o Akbar‘ from my heart and I manged to wake up.

Please tell me what was that? As I’m worried about it. Also, please could you tell me if my online baya’ has been accepted by Sultan ul awlia or I need to do that again?


Assalam `Alayki,

My dear daughter, the interpretation is correct, all us get that nightmare, he can not harm you, but you need to do the following so you will be protected Insha-Allah:

1. Make wadu before you go to bed, recite Ayat al-Kursi 7 times: the first time you recite and blow on your right side, 2nd time blow on your left side, 3rd time blow in front of you, 4th one, blow it behind you, 5th one blow above you, 6th one blow it beneath you, and 7th one, blow it all around you.

2. Start by sleeping on your right side while reciting Salawat upon the prophet, till you fall a sleep

3. If you are not wearing a Taweez, get one.

If you can put one Taweez on your bedroom door, put also on the right side of your window.

Insha-Allah Allah opens the life for you, don’t worry and do not think about magic, and recite daily Rabbuna Allah Hasbuna Allah at least 100 times daily.


Hajjah Naziha

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