Dreaming of Jannat ul Baqi graves


I saw a dream of Roza mubarak (saww) and a graveyard (jannat-ul-baqi) adjacent to it. There are many graves that I can see, and perhaps it was night time there. Then, I was able to see water around those graves. Then I can see that a grave is opened and inside it a little girl is laying and she is alive. She has a scarf on her head. I am helping her to tie that scarf on her head correctly. Please let me know what is the meaning of this dream?


Walaikumas Salam wa Rahmatullah
Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

Masha Allah. Seeing Rawda Mubarak means immense good tiding and support for you in dunya and Akhirah, and Allah knows what kind of good tidings. Water around the graves means the people in that graves are having happy life in the grave. This is to let you know that people buried in Jannatu ‘l-Baqi are of high spiritual status and have been forgiven and are like innocent small children. They will receive the intercession of the Holy Prophet (sallal lahu alaihis salam) and are waived from punishment of the grave. Helping her tie the scarf means your help in the matters of this deen-ul-Islam will be accepted and you are instructed to help those who are lovers of the Holy Prophet (sallal lahu alaihis salam).

Syed Shahzaman

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