Dreaming of Surat Yusuf and Surat al-Sajdah


Dear Sir,

I wanted to ask you if you know what it means. Recently, I dreamt of
someone, that someone order me to practice Sura Yusuf and al-Sajdah.
What is the benefit of it? I mean if I recite it, what will happen to


Reading the Qur’an in dream means one will have safety, sufficiency,
attainment of goals, and authority in this life and the next. Reading
Surat Yusuf in particular means the obtainment of honor, high esteem,
wealth, power and happiness after a difficult period. Also, one will be
truthful and reliable. Reading Surat al-Sajdah in particular means one
will pray a lot, be close to Allah, and have a good ending.

Seeing someone in dream who is ordering to read these two suras means
one has seen a prophet, or wali, or angel or a good person representing
Allah (swt) who is giving them a key for happiness in dunya and akhirah
because reading these two suras gather up the goodness of this life and
the goodness of akhirah.

In addition to the above, the two suras will bring the Prophet Muhammad
(saws) into one’s life because Prophet Yusuf (as) was given half of
beauty and Prophet Muhammad (saws) was given all beauty; also, Prophet
Muhammad (saws) used to recite al-Sajdah daily after Salatul Maghrib,
and Allah knows best.

It is a very good dream. The person who saw such a dream should read
Qur’an daily and try to memorize one or both of these two suras, and
make a lot of Salawat on the Prophet (saws) daily. And Allah knows best.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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