Dreams of becoming abdaal


I’ve dreams of becoming abdaal. I see with close eyes.I prayed tahajjud alot. later I got possessed & I missed Salah intentionally & unintentionally. I try alot. Can they be true? pray for them to be true. interpret them asap they dont come true until interpreted.


Assalamualikum wa rahmatu Allahi wa barakatu:

No abdāl have reached their station, or any walī, except through a lot of ʿibāda (worship) and making sure not to miss any prayers. Most importantly, instead of asking Allah subhannuh wa ta’ala to become one of the abdāl … ask Him subhannuh wa ta’ala to make Him beloved to you, because that is higher than any station … if we ask Allah subhannuh wa ta’ala for a specific station, He “might” give it to us and delegate the ability to carry it to our ownselves … but if we ask Allah subhannuh wa ta’ala to give us what He wants for us then He will give us from His treasures that we cannot imagine and He will give us the power to carry that responsibility.

wa mina Allah al tawfīq bi ḥurmat al ḥabīb bi ḥurmat al fātiḥa,

Ali Hussain

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