earth, sun and moon aligned


I dreamt I was walking during daytime and noticed “Earth” in the form of the globe like this  was dangling down via a rope from the sky. It’s a beautiful blue color and, of course, I am amazed at the site of this event and think to myself “wow, what’s going on here”–and so I immediately rush to touch it thinking I may never have this opportunity again. As I extend my arm up to reach for it with difficulty and touch it, just at that moment I notice that the earth, the sun and the moon (although can’t see the moon in the dream, just know its present), all come down to the ground and align themselves in a straight line.  This amazes me even more!–and I quickly sit amongst this straight line to touch them all to experience this once in a lifetime phenomenon! And then I awaken.


InshAllah you will have a very good return to your Lord.

Shaykh Hisham Kabbani

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