Dreamt of The Prophet’s (pbuh) Mosque after missing Tahajjud


Family & I led by Dad rush to find space.They take shortcut thru mens section;I pause,shyly follow,men stare.Lost parents,so I led sister & cousin to free space,usher to hurry before adhan. Hear adhan,stand to pray but wake up for Fajr 03:08.Saw dome twice


Alhamdulillah to see yourself in the Prophet’s Mosque is spiritual confirmation of your being blessed by the Prophet (s) for the salawaat and salaams you are sending on him (s), for as the hadith:

أخرج أبو داود بسند جيد عن أبي هريرة  أن النبي ﷺ قال: ما من أحد يسلم علي إلا رد الله علي روحي حتى أرد عليه السلام

in which the Prophet (s) says, “There is no one who greets me with peace except that Allah returns my soul to me so that I may return his salaam.” (Abu Dawud)

Being in the men’s section means Awliya have given you the spiritual rank of rajuliyya, ‘manhood’ in the spiritual sense of fighting the ego continuously with determination, for this term applies to females and males. Hearing adhan is heavenly certification of your iman. Therefore continue the good actions you are doing, but don’t puff up with what you are doing of worship.

Allah knows best,

Taher Siddiqui

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