Dream: Giving food to all


I dreamed I was with Naqshbandi brothers waiting for friends interested in the Tariqa. Someone said Jofre was coming too. I said, jokingly about this person: “Enxofre!” which means sulfur in portuguese. He came with the others. He was very tall, blonde, had a bottle of vodca and was smoking. He said about me: “This tiny one is stubborn!” I said: “Yes, I´m very stubborn, specially when I´m together with this other tiny one!” and I appointed to another brother. He started to give alcohol to the friends of the Tariqat and to incentivate them to smoke. Among them was my cousin, who lighted the cigarrete of Jofre. I knew he was trying to mess with my plans of guiding them to Naqshbandiyya and Islam, but I remained calm. Someone reached me a transparent plastic box containing black olives, apricots, chocolates, biscuits and breads. So I started to give this to everybody, suddenly the whole place became a wedding party, and people were accepting, many people I know. My cousin was the first to take a bread and eat quietly. I gave almost everything and then my parents said to my aunt: “His commitment is such a big one!” I didn’t want that to rise my ego, so I said to them, “I take the best part.”, as if I would not be so good. And then was in the box a piece of white candy, which I took. Please could you send light on this issue?



That is a good dream which ends with you defeating Shaytan, (who is Jofre in the dream), alhamdulillah, and guiding your friends to good decent provision instead of dirty provision offered by Jofre. Since Jofre is a fighter, he finds you tougher than him, because as Allah swt said, “surely the plan of Shaytan is weak.” Taking the best part, after you put your ego down, means you took love of the Prophet (s) and love of the mashaykh and that will take you to love of Allah swt, insha-Allah. Congratulations. Insha-Allah by your love to Mawlana you will be able to guide many to the Divine Path in your home country.

w ‘Allahu `alam

Taher Siddiqui

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