I was asked to write Huroof E Tahajji in Dream


AoA, Respected Syedina Sheikh Hisham!
I saw a piece of paper in a dream on which a wazifa was written. The wazifa was to write Huroof E Tahajji (Alif, Baa until YA) 11 times for 2 days. What does this Dream mean and what should I do?


Words are containers of knowledge and power and letters are the building blocks of words. Alif through Ya indicates all knowledge. Write all the words means seek knowledge of realities by means of good works, which are written by your Holy Scribes. 11 x 2 means Surat al-Ikhlas, which contains the greatest name of Allah as well as the secret of Divine Unity. Study it with your heart to get its benefit, inshaAllah with the baraka of our Spiritual Mashaykh.

Dr. Aziz Hussein

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